“Malic acid improves aftertaste by extending the impact of flavours”
“Malic Acid - A New Generation Acidulant i.e. Citric Acid Substitute"
"Malic ka Apna Taste Bnaye Apka product Clean, Mellow, Smooth Taste”
“Malic Acid Filled My Life –With Pleasant Taste and Flavour”
“Blends Malic with Citric Acid Provide Sourness to the Life”
FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World!

Magic of Malic

"Enhances Pleasant Taste & Flavour"

Give your Product More pleasant Mellow taste With Malic Acid in your Beverages and other food Formulations….

Malic acid is largely used for making the products more pleasant in taste and flavor. Fuso Malic acid masks the off bitter taste which is generated by citric acid in artificially sweeten products. It is safe to be consumed by everyone and helps people maintain a long lasting flavor of the product.

More and more people are now including Fuso Malic acid into their products to make it pleasant in taste and flavor. Fuso Malic acid is majorly used in beverages, carbonated drinks, non carbonated drinks, fruit drinks energy drinks, toffee, candies, dairy products, cereals, desserts, snack foods, beverages, syrups, nutritional products and dietary supplements etc.

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Application - Malic Acid

Improving the Flavor of Beverages, Bakery, Dairy, Pharma & Fruit products.

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Malic Acid Products

Malic acid, is also named 2-hydroxy butane diacid, it has an Asymmetric carbon atoms in the molecule, so it has two stereo isomer. There are 3 forms in the nature: D-Malic Acid, L-Malic Acid, and Mixture of DL-Malic Acid

D-Malic Acid

D-Malic Acid: Density: 1.595; Melting point: 101℃. Decomposition point: 140℃; Specific rotation: +2.92°. Water - soluble, methanol, ethanol, acetone.

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L-Malic Acid

L-Malic Acid: It is a naturally occurring isomer found in, apple and grape’s pulp & made of fumaric acid by fermentation.

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DL-Malic Acid

The equal amount of dextro isomer and leavo isomer mixed to get raceme (DL-Malic Acid), recognized as a safe food additive, sour agent...

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FUSO -Japan is the largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of word..

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In the recent years the trend towards, health, figure & fitness has increased..

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