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FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World!

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In the recent years the trend towards, health, figure & fitness has increased. Energy imbalance between calories consumed on one hand and calories expended on the other hand, urbanization, sedentary life styles and excessive consumption of SUGARY FOODS along with increased fat consumption specially saturated fats is leading India to obesity. Obesity being the primary factor of type II Diabetes is leading India to become the diabetic capital of the world by 2030 (WHO reports).

The new generation of India is becoming more "Calorie Conscious" and thus consumer demand for Low Calorie / No-Sugar Foods is increasing. The new generation health suggestion guidelines by WHO include the recommendations of moderate intake of sugar. This enhances the use of Malic acid in the products sweetened with artificial sweetener. It maintains pleasant taste and flavour without increasing the calorie. Thus Fuso Malic Acid helps in achieving /controlling the goal of Perfect Mellow taste without increasing the sugar in their products. It reduces the CALORIE and thus helps in achieving /controlling the goal of reducing the Sugar from the diet.
Perfect taste of any food is the key to its success and Acidulants play a major role in enhancement and balancing of perfect flavour.

The art of blending and choosing the combination of Acidulants / acidity regulator is the utmost need of the food manufacturer now. Soothing pleasant taste and flavour impart a major role towards a number of products  which are consumed by large number of population and children just for the sake of  pleasant taste…..such as Beverages , Candies , Chocolates etc…etc..

Malic Acid in combination with Citric Acid has been recognized globally for providing the best soothing and pleasant taste ..

Sugar Free products and products made with  Artificial Sweetener or products made without Sugar …are in high demand by new generation now a day’s…and so The Demand of Malic Acid has been recognized very well ….as  in the products without Sugar and with alternate sugar substitutes …..It’s the Malic Magic which turns the products into natural pleasant taste of Fruits

JJD Enterprises – The Largest Single Window Sweetener Supplier of India and representative of World the largest Fuso Malic Acid Japan in India.
“Pleasant taste and flavour doesn't come From Citric…FUSO Malic Acid in combination with Citric or alone gives Mellow and Pleasant taste”
GS Singh.

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JJD Enterprise is a group of professionals who have served the Indian industry for more than 20 Years in product development & Marketing in the field of FMCG...

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