Malic Acid
FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World!

Product Knowledge

What is Malic Acid?

Malic acid is found in various fruits and vegetables as a natural organic acid which giving a refreshing sour taste. It plays an important role in human and animal carbohydrate metabolism system in Krebs cycle. Fuso Malic acid is non hygroscopic, non volatile, more soluble, free flowing and anhydrous in nature.

Fuso Malic acid is a harmless substance and generally recognized as safe “(GRAS)” by the FDA and widely used in many countries through the world.

What are the advantages of Fuso Malic acid?

  • Malic Acid gives pleasant tart & long lasting taste in the products
  • For any Food product that contains “Alternative Sweetener” - Malic Acid is an essential Part for flavour enhancing and masking the bitter off note of product caused by “Citric Acid”
  • Fuso Malic acid increasing energy levels and effective metal chelator which reduces the risk of toxicity. Heavy metal overload has been linked to serious problems like liver disease and brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Fuso Malic acid also helps maintain oral hygiene. It stimulates the production of saliva, which reduces the number of harmful bacteria circulating in your mouth, teeth and gums.
  • Fuso Malic acid makes your skin to look healthier, younger and firmer.
  • Lower melting point and hygroscopicity than other acids
  • Economical acidulant blends with other acids
  • Extremely stable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Very soluble and easy to handles
  • No Side Effects

How much fuso Malic Acid may safely consume?

People may consume Malic acid in food and beverage products on a daily basis without concern that they are exceeding a safe intake level When evaluating the safety of new food ingredients like Malic acid, health authorities compare an estimate of the ingredient's maximum daily intake with the highest daily consumption level consumed in preclinical and clinical studies that was shown to be without harmful effects. Ideally, the intake estimate will be substantially less than the actual consumption levels shown to be without adverse effect in the preclinical and clinical studies. Studies show that upto 50% citric acid is replaced with Malic acid when product is sweetened by artificial sweetener.

Can people sweeten our product with artificial sweetener use Fuso Malic acid?

Peoples use artificial sweetener for the sweetness of our products it produces slightly off bitter taste on the product due to no replacement of citric acid with Malic acid in our products. So if we use artificial sweetener then replace upto 50% of citric acid with Malic acid is compulsory which masks off bitter taste and gives pleasant sour and flavor to the products.

Are you using artificial sweetener in our products:

Yes, artificial sweeteners are used by most of the companies in place of sugar for the preparation of low calorie products. Sugar are replace by artificial sweetener it gives off bitter note in the product with citric acid then 30-50%citric acid are replace with malic acid gives pleasant sour taste and flavour.

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