Malic Acid
FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World! FUSO Malic Acid Japan … The Largest Malic Acid Manufacturer of the World!

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Fuso Malic Acid

  • Product Name: Fuso Malic Acid
  • Company Name: Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Chemical name: DL Malic acid

  • Synonyms : (2S)-2-Hydroxybutanedioic Acid; (-)-(S)-Malic Acid; (-)-Hydroxysuccinic Acid; (-)-L-Malic Acid; (-)-Malic Acid; (2S)-2-Hydroxybutanedioic Acid; (2S)-2-Hydroxy- succinic Acid; (2S)-Malic Acid; (S)-Malic Acid; Apple Acid; L-(-)-Malic Acid; L-Apple Acid; L-Malic Acid; NSC 9232; S-(-)-Malic Acid; S-2-Hydroxybutanedioic Acid;

  • Common Name: 1-hydroxy-1, 2-ethanedicarboxylic acid. L (+) Malic acid

  • CAS No. 6915-15-7

  • Molecular Formula: C4H6O5

  • E-Number: 296

Malic acid is found in fruits and vegetables. The name of Malic acid is derived from the Latin word for apple, 'mălum'.

Malic Acid is an organic compound, a dicarboxylic acid that is the active ingredient in sour and tart foods. Malic Acid is acidulant that generated during fruit metabolism and occurs naturally in all fruits and many vegetables.

It’s mellow, smooth, persistent sourness blended with multiple food acids, high intensity sweeteners, flavors and create distinctive taste experiences in foods, beverages and confections.

Malic Acid is used as a flavor enhancer in food preparation for confectionaries, beverages, fruit preparations and preserves, desserts, and bakery products. It is also used in the preparation of medical products such as throat lozenges, cough syrups, effervescent powdered preparations, toothpaste and mouthwash. Additionally, Malic Acid is used in the manufacture of skin care products to rejuvenate and improve skin conditions.

The above such properties of Malic Acid has made Malic Acid "The Choice of Millions" For Substituting citric acid or adding with citric acid when artificial sweetener are used in place of sugar for making the product pleasant tart / masking off bitter taste/long lasting taste.

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